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Iris Brown Citron

Travel Advisor

This industry has provided me with the privilege of traveling around the world. It is my fascination with learning about cultures other than my own, that keeps me on the planes everywhere.

It is not possible to choose which country or city or resort is the best. When I’m there, it’s the best but, reflecting back to so many places, I have to say that my 2018 trip to India is a highlight. Everything you have read or heard is true but, what you don’t hear or read is that the people of India are strong, exciting, happy, and kind. I will never forget the smiling faces I was greeted with whether in the hotels and shops or even on the streets. When you first arrive in India you are almost assaulted by the scents and the color and the smiles. I long to go back and will.

I’ve been to Africa five times. Each time is best but, one unforgettable experience was when my husband and I were invited to Zimbabwe to canoe up the Zambezi River. We were very excited and very naïve. We thought the canoe would be piloted by a local who knew the river but instead, we were met by the local who handed us oars. We were to pilot our own canoe. We did this for three days dodging hippos, who are, by the way, considered to be one of the most dangerous animals in Africa. Crocodiles were plentiful as well.

This was considered a luxury canoe trip as we didn’t have to pitch our own tents. These tents were in remote locations along the river and a different location every night. They had no facilities except for one dugout toilet and lister bags for showers. After 6 hours of canoeing each day, the gin and tonics were really welcome. This trip was a true highlight.

It’s been 47 years that I’ve been in the travel business. I wish it could be 47 more. It is an ever-changing industry that keeps me on my toes. There have been good times and there have been bad times but, the good far outweighs the bad.

Alice Travel has been very lucky to include Iris, an independent affiliate, on our roster of travel advisors. Her rare combination of knowledge, expertise, generosity, and wit create a positive and happy atmosphere. She is irreplaceable!

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